Sunday, June 2, 2013

Music For The Grown Man/Woman In You By Adam

Good Arabic music sounds better when you had something to drink--I do not drink myself and don't promote it. But a lot of the best entertainers of Arabic Tarab music do. Something about slowing things down and enjoying each moment makes the experience much better.

Such classic music is the place where grown men and women go to enjoy the moment. But you cannot by a boy and perform those songs--you need to have been around the blocks for few times in order for you to develop your senses.

Adam, is one of the youngest voices to do such songs, before him we had George Wassouf, Wael Jassar who have excelled in such songs. But Adam joins the ranks and gives pure unadulterated Tarab performance  Here's a clip with his greatest Tarab moments. This is the kind of performance worthy of the legends, and you might not be one, but you can come close. Like Adam has here

كوكتال طرب " أدم " by jed ultras


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