Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Fusion Right Like Ali Amr Experiment, "Najat1958"

Ali Amr is a vocalist and qanun performer, a Ramallah native (by the way of Morocco) whose work incorporates and reflects a legacy of Arabic music while it forges ahead to new frontiers, embracing many different styles in the process. He follows in the footsteps of legends like Marcel Khalife. Ali is an award-winning artist who dazzles his audience as he smoothly leaps from traditional Arabic sounds to jazz and other contemporary styles. His soaring technique, melodic ingenuity, and unparalleled grace have earned him acclaim as a virtuoso on the qanun.

Ali Amr's talent has not gone unnoticed as her has already performed with Maqamat in Sweden, Norway, Dubai, Germany, Istanbul, Holland, and the United States. He has already made an appearance at the United Nations in New York. In 2007, Amr performed for the President of Palestine and the Princess of Jordan.

The incredible thing about Amr is his young age and the level of excellence has has arrived at. He does amazing fusion of Arabic music and jazz. While many other artists claim to experiment with fusion, Amr is one of the few who actually do it right. That means he observes the fine balance between the different styles and genres.

Ali Amr Experiment, "Najat1958" - Live at Berklee College's Cafe 939


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