Friday, June 28, 2013

Listen: THe Voice Yosra Mahnouch_Bafakar Fik | يسرا محنوش_بفكر فيك_حصري

Some things are still true, doing a good Egyptian song is awesome and it is a great  help for any new singer who is trying to make it. Yosra Mahnouch did very well on the voice and her voice is pretty much perfect for Tarab style songs where you are glued and listening to her voice and she she manipulates it. She now releases a song that mixes pop music with her very classy and passionate voice. I am a fan, but I think women would find more value in this song than myself.

Now, her friendship with the Voice mentor Kadim Saher has been a good thing for her--she will share the stage with him on at least two concerts. She is an emotional charged voice that makes you think "this lady sings for the gut" her voice is similar to many of those under-appreciated dives from the west side of the Arab world.

The song is planned to be filmed as a music video, she is promised a duet with Kadim that will see the light in August of this year.

Yosra Mahnouch_Bafakar Fik_Exclusive | يسرا محنوش_بفكر فيك_حصري

Lyrics are

بفكر فيك ومش ناسياك وباقية عليك ومش حيأس ومهما تغيب أنا فاكراك مادام عايشة وباتنفس حرام الحب بعد سنين يضيع في كلمة ولا أتنين حبيبي أنا وأنت بني آدمين غلطنا بيبقى مش مقصود في بعدك عايشة مهمومة وم اللي عملتة مصدومة وحاسة كأني مقسومة ونصي التاني مش موجود بكل ما فيا أنا عايزاك ونفسي أنك تكلمني عشان حسيت وأنا سايباك بروحي بتتسحب مني. - 


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