Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Download: May Kassab Album Habibi Waadni / ألبوم مى كساب حبيبى وعدنى

She is one of the spunkiest pop stars in Egypt, she is cute, she is fun and most importantly, she is all Egyptian. This is Mai Kassab's third album and she is loving it. She has turned to acting in the slow music season, but this is her comeback, the album is her first in more than four years.

The producer and the artist would like you to buy the original album from the music store, not some online copy. Because this is a touch time for them-if you do not buy them they won't make them anymore. A girlie album, a dance one and some drama for sure.

I find myself drawn to Mai years ago, she seems like that good girl who is not naive or dreamy, but rather real, like many ladies out there. I do not like the slow songs usually, but she seems to go to work for those songs as she records them. There too many pop female personalities in Egypt, to her fans and they are many, she is top three. I also like the song where she tells her man to get real and approach her family with a marriage proposal. In those times, this seems to be an old style, as more men boast about freedom as a cop out.

As for summer albums, this is a worthy album that both men and woman can enjoy, she is so cool and the album cover makes the summer heat go away. Mai does not have the best vocal set, but with what she has she has made the most of it and this is simply sufficient for so many of those looking for an entertaining album that also has a good cry. I really like how much the songs and Mai spend talking about relationships and love.

01. Hitl3 Eni
02. Habiby Waadni
03. Mabcsh
04. Ana Wla Heia
05. Habet 5aen
06. Men Eldar Lenar
07. Bastnak
08. Befoot El3omr
09. 2ol Wna 2ol
10. Washtni
11. Atlbni Men Ahli
12. Klo Bietmanzr

May Kassab Album Habibi Waadni Promo / إعلان ألبوم مى كساب حبيبى وعدنى

To listen and download the album, HERE
"هيطلع عيني" كلمات مصطفى جودة وألحان أحمد العتباني وتوزيع إسلام مرغني.
"حبيبي وعدني" كلمات أيمن بهجت قمر وألحان محمد يحيي وتوزيع أحمد إبراهيم.
"مابسش" كلمات أيمن بهجت قمر وألحان محمد يحيى وتوزيع تميم.
"أنا ولا هي" كلمات محمد عاطف وألحان محمد يحيي وتوزيع تميم
"حبيت خاين" كلمات محمد عاطف وألحان رامي جمال وتوزيع توما.
"من الدار للنار" كلمات عبد الرحمن محمد ألحان مدين وتوزيع إسلام مرغني.
"بستناك" كلمات ناصر الجيل وألحان محمود خيامي وتوزيع خالد نبيل.
"بيفوت العمر" كلمات أيمن بهجت قمر وألحان محمد يحيي وتوزيع نادر حمدي.
"قول وأنا أقول" كلمات مصطفى جودة وألحان مدين وتوزيع أحمد عادل.
"وحشتني" كلمات أحمد حلمي وألحان أحمد العتباني وتوزيع أشرف محروس.
"اطلبني من أهلي" كلمات محمد عاطف وألحان رامي جمال وتوزيع أحمد إبراهيم.
"كله بيتمنظر" كلمات حسن عطية وألحان أحمد العتباني وتوزيع أسامة سامي.


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