Friday, June 21, 2013

WATCH: The Final Songs And Patriotism Arab Idol 'Raise your keffiyeh, raise it" - محمد عساف - على الكوفية

Note, how the last song performed by each Arab Idol is either nationalistic or patriotic, where the theme is about loving one country, and unity. This was the theme for this time, and each of the songs stood tall, where we are even before the songs are performed already have weak spots for those songs.

I thought the loudest among them and the most fun belongs to Mohammed Assaf  who owned the stage, and started a riot in the Beirut stage. The sweetest and most dramatic song for country Egypt was for Ahmed Gamal. The Syrian did the strongest song among them all.

Great choices, a wonderful send of for the season. results will be announced tomorrow. Assaf;s song was the most sought song among his fans, he sang it once before and blazed the stage, this time we knew he could do just that and the audience danced away their sorrows. His song mentioned Jerusalem and The prophet of Islam. Note, how his mom gets up and gets worked up. He kept fans guessing, will he or will he not perform this popular song? I am glad he did. The song is about that traditional Palestinian scarf, it's all about pride and wearing one colors.

This song of his is very Palestine and very Gaza, those are the kind of songs they perform at wedding, a mixture of fun, love and country (olives, figs, lemon and wheat). Not only did he sing, but he also danced and so have the judges and the esteemed guests. He is freaking maestro, emotions are hard to describe to see this 19  years old do his thing on stage. See how proud his mother and his people are....and he did not have to fire a bullet!

Note the guy who ran to the stage to dance with Mohammad, he played along till the guards came to escort that crazed fan. Assaf, you are this rare perfume that spreads around and makes everything it comes in contact with so much better.

الفاء : فلسطين الحبيبة ما أغلا الوطن يا عرب ما أغلاه
و اللام : لما توحدوا كان الحجر ما اقواه
والسين: سؤال السجين ايمتا الفرج القاه
والطاء: طلعت بدر على الشهيد في ثراه
والياء: يا عرب يا اهل المراجل لم الشمل ما احلاه
والنون : نور النبي و قدسنا يا قدس مسراااه

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