Saturday, June 22, 2013

Arab Idol Winner Mohammad Assaf Is A Moon Not Just A Star

There way way too many stars, but the moons are few. This is what I think when I think about Mohammad Assaf. He is not something we have many off. He might be one of very few things the people of Palestine from all walks of life agree on! He is talented no doubt. He is like this exquisite perfume that everyone wants a piece of. In this way, he changes all things he comes in contact with to the better. The aroma of his music is real, and it's truly contagious.

He did not have to fire a bullet or write a poem, but he has already won the admiration of so many inside Palestine and in the world. His presence builds a bigger case for Palestine, he brings joy into the lives of his fans and those who might not even like music. He is one of the people, but on stage he is a dynamite of excitement.

Tonight he won, tonight he made the little guy proud. He was the hero of the unlikely people. The Yemeni haunters so adore him, the Libyan desert and coast voted for him, the Algerian villagers cheer him on and the Sudanese university students shower him with their kind love. He is also big in Arab countries where music and art is centered. These people could care less about the show or the music, but having a guy like Assaf was a compelling cause for them to tune in. He does away with the guilt, the son of Gaza is here to tell you not to forget about Palestine and also party with each one of you. It's a beautiful thing that has never happened before.

I think it's safe to say, the people who look beyond the country label have chosen him! He is the artist from Palestine for all the Arabs, while Palestinians are specially proud of him, just like all thing Palestine--it belongs to the people who love that land, and not just reside there.

Sure, past stars of similar shows we cannot remember their names. Some may even forget him, but for a brief moment he gave us what seemed like an unforgettable moment that united Arabia and made them happy.  


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