Monday, June 10, 2013

Listen: Star Academy Sara Farah New Dance Single اغنيه سارة فرح - بعز الظهر

Some parts of Syria are on fire, and some Syrians are hotter than smoke. Sara Farah is one of those people who are too hot to handle. She was the runner up two years ago for the title of Star Academy, I thought she was great, and as a Syrian she had all those authentic elements that make Syrian talents stand tall as they perform any song they chose to bring to light.

Her comeback is with an original song that reminds her fans that she is not going anywhere, her talent is something or a fresh take on dance songs. In fairness, she sounds like another young Syrian pop songstresses who also won a similar show few years before Sara.

One note, this is the radio version as the rights free songs has yet to be released. The promo picture is a bit sizzling for this time of the year. Sara is doing something new, the way to stay in the radar is to do something people do not expect you to do....she is pulling a chapter from the famous movie Basic Instinct and the leg crossing sexy chair. I like the lyrics, they allow for Sara to show her strength, and they keep her busy in the summer music festival season. The music is upbeat as hell and it's a cool summer breeze that this young lady's career needs.

اغنية سارة فرح - بعز الظهر | كاملة | جديد 2013

اغنيه سارة فرح - بعز الظهر


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