Saturday, June 22, 2013

Watch: The Final Moment Of Arab Idol With The Winner Assaf

She said his name and an instant later, all hell broke loose, the stage was raided by droves of fans and security officers wanting to finish the program. There was happiness, confusion and mixed feelings. But Assaf won, the unlikely candidate took home the prize. He won because Arabs from all countries voted for him.

This was a huge moment for his fans, and the other contestants who seemed to happy for him to win--everyone has a piece of Palestine. I think the organizers should have done a better job managing the stage and controlling the crowd, but this was like something they have never seen before.

I even know non-Arabs who have voted for him, in South Africa and here in the States. Mohammad Assaf has huge expectation ahead of him, the aspirations of his people are stuck with him, and the plight of a nation that wants peace but only seems to get war has touched him.

Lights are off, and he heads for his next venture, I imagine he has a lot of press now, and he will have to go kiss some politicians who have done little for him.

I want to stress how much I love Egypt and Syria who also have very fine finalist on the Arab Idol.

الفلسطينى محمد عساف يحصد لقب "محبوب العرب"

لحظة فوز محمد عساف بلقب عرب ايدول | محمد عساف نجم Arab Idol
Arab Idol - المشتركين الـ 27 - البؤساء


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