Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sony Hires Ramy Ayach To Promote Their Line of Headphones

Just like anywhere in the world companies are always looking for a celebrity to promote their products. Sony Arabia hired Najwa Karam to use their TV screens in her music video. But when it came to their headphones, they went with Ramy Ayach. He is a hip guy whom most guys envy. He is talking up the new line XB920

In a press conference, he spoke about the product, its specifications and the company. He cut an ad for the company where he is leading a group of runners while wearing the headphones. I am certain his next music video will have space for the fancy gadget.

Ramy says he likes the base, the isolation and the bulky look. He also talked about future collaboration with the company. Among his other ventures a Lebanese restaurant in Morocco.  

Ramy did not want to talk about his wedding at the interview.

اختيار رامي عياش سفيراً لسوني


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