Saturday, December 31, 2011

Julia Botros 2012 Can Still Blow You Away

Why would you hate Arabic music when Arabs still have Julia Botros singing in Arabic accompanied by a true live orchestra. No joke, listening to the latest single from this true Arab gem, one cannot help but ask for more. She is one of those talents are hard to replicate.

Speaking of perfect vocals, perfect performance and fabulous music, you just cannot go wrong with this diva. This is a song for the homeland, but you wouldn't know it till the last verse. It could have been a great romantic story, but it's about romancing the motherland.

Julia can deliver those songs like few can. She has done it in the late 80s, the 90s, 2006 and now she is back with a song about freedom and country. It could be delightful song for the Arab spring. she says, I live in my homeland, yet all of a sudden I do not recognize anybody and feel home sick.

اغنية جوليا بطرس - اسود الليل | Julia Botros - Eswad El Layl

Mr Sufian - Aish Hyatek [REMIX] Track

For long Morocco has been known as a place where creative folks go to get inspired. How about Mr. Sufian who calls Morocco home. For most Arabs the Moroccan dialect is exotic which means it offers a mixture of originality and flavor .

Aish Hyatek gets a remix and we ought to hear it. Mr. Sufian keeps on surprising me with his tracks, I hope you feel the same way about this up and coming performer

Mr Sufian - Aish Hyatek [REMIX] by MrSufian

Majid Al Mohandis Starts 2012 With Agony

Majid Al Mohandis has the softest voice in the business. On top of that he might as well be the hardest working man in the Arabic music. For the new year he is doing a a number of concerts in the Gulf, released an album with his best hits, and then released a dozen of singles.

Now this week, it was released his song about pain--a calender of pain is the title of the song, the music was written for the best Gulf composer Fayez Al Said. I really dig this song and love everything about it.
ماجد المهندس رزمة اوجاع 2012 . حصريا نسخه اصليه

Friday, December 30, 2011

Tamer Al Turki 2012 Album

He is no household name, but he is signed with the biggest player in Arabic music and the most experienced company in the Gulf music--Rotana. The name is Tamer Al Turki and his album goes without a name. But for the sensitive guy Tamer is, this is no brainier.

Get ready for some romance and passion that can be enjoyed equally by all members of your family. He is the dreamy voice that loves to the last breath. Tamer's youth means he has plenty of time to figure his brand and perfect his style

01 - A3az ElNas
02 - Anady
03 - Al7atab
04 - Allah Aqwa
05 - Tza3elna Tradena
06 - Khodny Men 3oyounak
07 - Sam3an Wa Ta3a
08 - Gharam Thany
09 - Hazab
10 - La Tesebna Bel 3ien
11 - La Habiby
12 - Ya 7anan EL 3omr

تامر التركي-مزيون

Lebanese Adam Sabbagh To Conquer Hollywood

For Adam Sabbagh, good looks come easy. Started his career as a model at home, now he is taking on Hollywood. Starting to act in TV and appear in some work. It seems that he has been keeping the company characters like Paris Hilton.

I have not heard of him, but it seems he has been getting regular TV appearances in some shows, he talks about them in this interview. He is the handsome Arab that if needed can also be the terrorist too. Looking at his IMDB page, he seems popular with award shows too.

Showbiz aside, Sabbagh has a master's degree in political science. He is currently working on his PhD in Political Science in the Big Apple. He will certainly win the award for the most handsome professor.

شاب لبناني يدخل عالم هوليود من أوسع أبوابه

The First Song To Talk About Alternative Planets

The First Song To Talk About Alternative Planets has already been made, and it was made prior to the age of the internet, by none other than Egyptian B list super star Medhat Saleh. This is a song of a frustrated idealist who would risk everything in the hopes of getting one thing right.

The song is about finding a better world than the one we live in, where hope loyalty and dreams are still possible. Disney has so many songs like that, but none of them looks for another planet, Medhat Saleh did.

Kawkab Tany New Arrangement - Medhat Saleh كوكب تانى توزيع جديد - مدحت صالح

Would You Pay 200 Dollars To See Tamer Hosny?

Tamer Hosny's concerts used to be a big deal in Egypt, but for the New Year, he was in Bahrain and before that he was in Australia. As far as we know he has not performed in Egypt all last year long.

A ticket for a Tamer Hosny concert goes for 200 dollars, that's a lot for anybody, even American entertainers can go for much less than that. Now watching those clips below, do you think you would pay 200 dollars to see this concert/show?

You can like his music, hell you can even love him, but would you pay this much ins those hard economic times to attend his concert? Let me know becasue I really would like to know.

Dehktha Mabethazarsh - Tamer Hosny ضحكتها مبتهزرش - حفلة - تامر حسنى

Bainak W Bainy - Tamer Hosny بينى وبينك - حفلة - تامر حسنى

The Behind The Scenes As Fun As The Scene Itself

Nawal El Zoghbi can sing a pop song and makes it special. But her music videos tend to divide people, some love her makeovers, others resent them. The same goes for her music videos, she films them discreetly and then we see them and see the behind the scenes.

Her personal life aside, Nawal is the invincible, she just refuses to be overshadowed. For her latest music video released a week ago, she hired a Brit and a French and droves of Lebanese talents to get the music video to stand out.

There was an Italian model too, but to be frank, this music video was nothing special. I fear that the directors had no idea or had never scene an Arabic music video before. So their work has been done a million time before.

P.S. Dig up the dress Nawal wore for this New Year concert, it left some people in shock!

Nawal El Zoghbi -Kawalis Ma3rafsh Lih نوال الزغبي- كواليس كليب معرفش ليه

Anti-Smoking Arabic Song Hits The Airwaves

050 is a second tier band from Egypt, but their message is no second tier. This time, the band takes on a very serious issue that causes loss of life and resources for Egypt--Smoking. It seems that Arabs have picked smoking as their muse, and since they keep taxes low, smoking is cheap.

Everyone seems to smoke or have tried it over there, even the little ones are tempted and there are no real laws to prevent teen smoking. So it took this hot band to spread this message. This song fights the plot that sees this habit as an issue of freedom.

As far as this song goes the vocals leave something to be desired, but I am loving the message and the lyrics. 050 Band - Ermy Sagyrak / زيروخمسين - إرمى سجايرك

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Popstress Arwa Ignores The Revolution In Yemen

While most singers who come from countries where the Arab Spring has stopped by tend to take a side. In Syria, they choose the regime, in Egypt they chose different sides. In Yemen there are no singers, the big names have been made Saudi citizens.

Then comes the one and only singer from Yemen, Arwa, the TV personality, singer, and model, she has said nothing about Yemen. She has manged to avoid any questions too. So even though she is very busy lady presenting TV shows and making appearances in awards and what's not.

That might be the smart thing to do, but it is not the bold thing to do. She in a business where the love of people. Yemen seems to hate the regime, and the regime seems to be on it way out the door. But Arwa sill has what it takes.
Arwa - Youm Wahed / اروى - يوم واحد

Kuwaiti Shams Takes Us Shopping In Christmas

Gulfie singer Shams who is a Kuwaiti is not weak. She is bold and likes you to know so. Her choices of concepts and clothes often alienate some people, but the reality is this. you can never please everyone.

This time she is wearing some rather Western outfit, and strolling down the streets of some American city shopping at those expensive places with her man. This is just the promo, the real clip comes out soon. I am one of those people who respect Shams and her style.

She does not have to do it like everyone else, she takes the harder path, which is not typical for a singer from that region. The thing is, she has not sold out completely. she still sings in her mother dialect.

Al wessam Soon - Shams الوسام قريبا - شمس

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No More Singing And Dancing Israeli Soldier

Israel is a democracy or so it seems if you have never been to this place. Israel is unique and so is its brand of democracy. What does a Music Blog have to do with Israel?

There's a new pending rule in the Israeli army that will permit female recruits in the Israeli army to sing and dance. Sounds like a cool thing right? Who would be against dancing troops? You know half of the American army has YouTube videos dancing and doing cover of popular pop songs.

Arab armies hold concerts and fun events for their recruits too and so do the Israelis. However, that's not the same. the new rule is pissing off some important people in that country. The Ultra orthodox recruits "haredi soldiers" about 2000 of them said that they would quit their units if they hear the voice of a woman.

The Rabbi for the Israeli Air Force has even quit his post in protest of this pending rule. This recommendation that allows for women to sing and dance in performances sponsored by the army is based on an issue they had when ultra orthodox army officers would leave such events the moment a woman gets up on the stage.

Those reports were covered by at least two mainstream newspapers Ma'areev and Yedioth Ahronoth

My thoughts: If Saudi Arabia or Egypt does the same thing, Human rights groups and foreign government would be on their case, but if Israel does it, it's a democracy they say. I think people's wishes should be respected no mater who they are, but to shame some and embrace others is wrong.

2012 Will Be A Good Year For Rashed El Majed

He is the Prince of Saudi songs, he is the guy who knows how to get the entire region to their muse. His signature voices is always in the radios as he is one of those hard working entertainers that is often pursued by the big player to sing with him. They chase him also to sing their poems.

So, you know he will only sing the good stuff, and since he is fitly rich he does not have to sell out. He is rich enough to have his own mansion in his own private island and he also loves cars. Most Arabs know of him since he dabbled into pop in the early 2000. But he is back to his Tarab Gulf style slow songs with soft melodies.

Now comes his latest single about not worrying about what people say, and the net goes crazy once more for this Saudi talent who seems to base his work in Dubai.

اغنية راشد الماجد - ما يهزك ريح 2012| Rashed El Majed - Ma Yehezak Ree7

This Gulf Epic Song Is Also A Sausage Fest

Rashid Al Mahid, Mahid Al Mohandis, Eida Al Manhal, Aseel are on the top of their game, each on their own. But then they all decided to meet together in record this song paying tribute to a princess. Not sure if that's a real person. But this is an epic song because these are the most romantic voices in the Gulf who know who to make a women feel special--at least through their songs.

One Iraqi, a Saudi, and an Emarati and another Saudi voice this song where original lyrics meets some fresh music. This is poetry made for songs. It makes sense why they would have all dudes sending sweet talks to a lady. Those singers strike me as friends first and utmost. So when they work, you know the chemistry is there. راشد الماجد & المهندس & عيضة & اصيل - ميرة الأميرةانه بــ وصف حـسـن مـيرهلـو سرح فــيهــا الـخــيـالمـن تغيــب الشمـس مـنتكـبـــــل بلــمعــه خـدهــاالعـيـون الفاتنه ورمـوشهافــــــــــــي وضـــــــــــــلالهــذه مــيره الاميـــــــــــرهبــــالحــســن مــن كــدهاعــاصــمه للــحســن تبـهرلاخــــــلاف ولاجـــــــــــداليـستضــل الـحــســن فـيمــــيره ويــرجــع عنــدهـاااوانــــــه بوصف طيب ميرهياحـــلـــو فـــيه الكـــــــلامطيبها بــســتـــان وأثــمــركــــــــــل ورده عـــــطــــرهطــــــيبهـــا لو هو تـشبــه ماشـــبه غـير الــغــمــــامكل مانادى الضمــايــا فــيشــــــرب مـــيـــره ماطـــرهطـيـــبها لو ســـــتل جنــــاحهمـــــثـــل ســــرب الحـــــــمامومــن كرمــها لـــــــو طـــلبهـاالكـــــون كـــــالــت حـاضــــرهوانــه بـــوصــــــف حـــبـــــــــي لـ مـــيره كـــبــير بـــلا حـــدودأخـــتـــي الـــي لـــــو بــغـــتعمري فـــــداهـــــــا بــكـــملـهماخــــذه مـــن عـــــــز ابــــويومـاخــــــــــذه طـــيب الجــدودوماخـــــــــــــــذه مـــن طيــــبامـــــي ياحـــلاه ومـــجمــلـــــهحبــــــــي لــمـــيـــــره مخــلــدلـلــــزمـــــان وللــــــوجـــــــودلو بغـــــــت روحــــــــي فـــداهايعني مـــــافي مـــــــشـــــكلهوانــــه بوصـــــــــــف يـــــــــــــومميره فاتـــــــــــــنه بين الحــضوركأنهــــا شيـخـــــــــه جــــــــمالوكــــانها شــــــــــيخه حـــــــــلاهذه ميره مـــــــــــن عطــــــرهامــاتشم احـــــــلــــــى العطورالعــطـــر يشــــــــــتم مــــــــيرهوالأ ميـــــــره لا فـــــــــــــــــــــــلاهذه ميره مستــــــــــــــــــــحيلالشعر يوصفها بســــــــــــــــطوركل ما نــــــــــضرت ميــــــــــــــرهكـــــــــــــال كلبــــــــــــــي ياهلاانه بــ وصـــــــــف حســـــــن مــيرهلو ســــــــرح فيها الخيـــــــــــــــــالمن تغيـــــــب الشمـــــس مـــــنتكـــــبل بلــــــــمعه خــــــدهــــــــاالعيـــون الفــــاتـــــنه ورموشـــــــهافـــــي وضلال هذه ميــــره الاميـــرهبالــــحســـن من كــــدهــــــــــــــــاالمصدر:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some Freedom For Syria By Samih Chouheir

Syria as a state is having crisis right now, but the people had seen those much earlier. Samih Choukeir saw them early one and sang for the fallen. He was a lone voice in his country who dared to sing a song that criticized the regime and its practices. As more celebrities join the cause of Samih, he is no longer alone.

While most singers and dancers in that country never shied away from offering support to the Assad, now many of them are changing gears. Here's a song from Samih about the freedom that he can see. We are so close, he says. All the scarifies are paying off now. This is a bold song, let's hope that freedpm indeed materializes for that beloved country.

What I do not know is this, does Samih actually live in Syria, if he does not how long has it been since his last visit? If he does live in Syria, how does he find safety?
Arabna, Samih Choukeir.
قربنـا، سميح شقير

"Sway" Cover by Egyptain Poptress Marwa Nasr

Marwa Nasr is sick of doing the same old songs in Arabic pop so for this holiday season, she is going American on us. That means she covered an American classic. Sway is the song of choice, in fact this is another song that Arabs happen to enjoy as well.

I like Matwa, and I think her choice has gotten her some attention in the internet world. Marwa might be doing concerts in Egypt, even though times are tough, something has to happen as droves of people like to celebrate the once a year concert. Toward the end, the song gets an Eastern melody which gives it some local flavor.

As far as the English goes, Marwa did well. However, I used to have the same problem, not sure where to place the emphasis on words, which makes my English sounds like Arabic. Good luck trying to find out the artist that has the best rendition of this once Mexican song "¿Quién será?

Marwa Nasr Singing "Sway"

Nawal Al Zoghbi And The Italian Model

Guys make music videos with cars and women, girls make them with flowers and dresses. An Italian model won't hurt either. This is the story of the music video from Nawal El Zoghbi. I like some parts of the music video, but overall this is not all that. Nawal is working hard, but on her cases there are dozens of other gorgeous Lebanese female singers who are half her age.Not sure of the timing for this music video, but it's likely has to do with the New Year parties and Nawal getting booked.

The melody of the song sounds Greek to me, and the music video and its concepts are dated by now. In other news, the same model appearing here has also filmed another one with Najwa Karam--her team learned of that after the music video has been shot.

Hiring a non-Arab model has been a trend in the past few years, mainly for female singers who want to show off to the other females in the business that they have the dough and they can rent a heartthrob. There are plenty of good looking Arab models, but since most female singers want to appear with someone fresh, they seek out the good old Italians, French and in occasions Americans.

Nawal El Zoghbi - Ma'rafsh Leih / نوال الزغبي - معرفش ليه

Majid Al Mohandis Iraqi Loved In Kuwait

At the end of the day, we are all Arabs, but some of us are not fond of one another due to political differences of say an invasion. People of Kuwait love other Arabs and often find themselves put their money where their mouth is. Sure, they have had some bitter relationships with Iraqis, Palestinian and some Jordanians, but at the end of the day things work out.

Majid Al Mohanids is an Iraqi singer who is classy, handsome and sharp dresser. Who also has the citizenship of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. But his music started in Iraqi later he has expanded to other Arab dialects, the Gulf one is where the money is. Majid is in big demand in the Gulf and he tours around the world taking his music and his band to new places.

This time he just released a new album for one of his concerts, this one was recorded in Kuwait Hala Febrayer...a February concert series that celebrates the country's independence.

01 - Rawah Ya Kuwait02 - Masaddeqt03 - Mijana04 - Been Edyah05 - Ala Rasee06 - Ghab Al Qamar07 - Eshaah08 - Ezkerini09 - Aalen Ensihabi10 - Wahishni Moot11 - Yrohlak Fadwa12 - Hammoudi13 - Wadini Lak

When Meryam Faris Gets Banned From Dancing!

People of Kuwait inside that country are conservative, the liberal ones leave that country and happily live abroad. So when Meryam Faris planned a new year concert in that country where her all Gulf album was a big hit, you know the press will be there.

However, the Minister of Cultural Affairs in Kuwait is familiar with Meryam's craft of crazy sexy live dances that go along with her concerts. He made sure that her hips don't move for the concert. Now Meryam must of really wanted the money from that concert, so she accepted.

Now, when Meryam sings alone, and not dance, the unavoidable happened, the concert bombed. Concert goers failed to connect with the pop star, making the concert bland and dull in some parts. Meryam left the concert angry and felt that the restrictions on her have ruined the concert for everyone.

The press in Kuwait had the time of their life mocking the Lebanese bombshell for the failed concert. I tended to think that the ban on her is uncalled for, it's not like it was marketed as a family concert. But, I also know that Meryam has no limits, she has always ruffled some feathers with her choice of wardrobe that even can be censored even on prime time USA TV.

Meriam dances

Rotana Releases Best Lebanses Songs Collection

What's better than Lebanese songs, but more of those songs. That's how Rotana does it, they packaged an album with the best songs of their A list singers who are singed under label. This is an album that has a number of popular and touching songs.

You get an interesting collection of male female songs that appeal to mostly the young. Those are exactly a dozen of songs from household names like Marwan Khory, Elissa and Assi as well as others.

01 - Pascale Meshaalani - Am Bethadedni
02 - Mrwan Khory - Lail Mbareh
03 - Ayman Zbib - T3ma 3uonie
04 - Karol Sakr - Jirh Ghiyabak
05 - Assi El Helani - Lahzit Wisal
06 - Laura Khalil - Lylah Ya Habibi
07 - Fadl Shaker - Nar El Sho2
08 - Elissa - Zanbi Ana
09 - Wael Kfoury - Sho Haljkhabria
10 - Najwa Karam - T3a 5abik
11 - Cyrine Abd Elnour - Oyoun El Asaliya
12 - Dina Hayek - Helwa Menak

2012 The Year of Pop For Karim Mohsen

Kareem Mohsen is the new cool kid on the block, he is just making his career by being active and singing his own music. He has few friends in the business who seem to gamble on him, they are pushing him out there, hoping he will make them lots of money. Kareem is young, smart, talent and most of all polite.

Those kind of things plus some connections will get you far in the entertainment world. Someone in Mazzika, the company that for the money produces for Karim scouting a location for his latest single. A beach on the Red Sea, a model, a flashy cards and two pairs of jeans.I have liked pretty much all the songs Karim has released, but this single of his feels dated. It offers nothing in new in music and lyrics.

No doubt that fans of Karim will like this song, especially the young teens, but in reality, I think even Kareim knows this is not his best work. Karim Mohsen - Ehlawet El Donia / كريم محسن احلوت الدنيا

When It Comes To Egypt, Dina Adel Accepts No Substitute

Here's an idea that has worked for ages, you are a new singer hoping for a break--release a song for a national or religious celebration and then you might make it. That's how Dina Adel anyway plans on becoming a pop singer. Through celebrating Egypt and its history and culture.Once an Egyptian always one.Watch this slideshow song that speaks of the love people like Dina hold for their home. They make a million song like theses, few of them have survived beyond a week or two. It's unlikely for this song to stick around, it's average, it lacks on the emotion and the heart to heart communication. Dina Adel - Malish Gherha / دينا عادل - ماليش غيرها

Friday, December 23, 2011

Hatim Al-3iraqi - Mhajir Song For Immigrants

If you wanted an Iraqi singer who keeps it real to the max, then you have found your target, Hatim Al Iraqi, is that dude. He does not do any other songs, but Iraqi ones. Like they made them in the 40s and 50s before him. He has the voice, and the commitment to all things Iraq.

Hatim is perhaps the biggest Iraqi music singer, he actually make improvements on older songs sometimes, but mostly he works with his own material and gets the A list musicians and lyricists to work with him. I understand that Hatem has other experiences in the music business that involve writing music as well.

Wherever Iraqis go they take a little bit of Iraqi with them, Hatim appeals to those the most, his sad tones and songs about being apart from that you love are epic. The ones at home also celebrate this very Iraqi voice that tells stories of the place like few can.

Hatim Al-3iraqi - Mhajir حاتم العراقي - مهاجر

حاتم العراقي - ياطير (للمغتربين والعشاق) 2006

Ramy Essam, The Dudes' Revolution Singer

This is a piece of music written in Tunis, sang by an Egyptian and performed in South Africa. Not to forget the very Western Guitar melody. Ramy Essam was receiving an ward there and he performed a number of songs.

Looking at the audience in the room, one can spot the white hipsters all the room. Enjoy this serving of Ramy.
Ramy Essam - Hela Hela | رامى عصام - هيلا هيلا

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Ushers The Most Bizarre Arabic Music Video

Habiby Laa is a wonderful and dazzling music video, it has gotten everything right! The customs, the cinematography, and the colors. They created a picture worthy of a Disney fantasy world, they really did.

This is chalga/chalghi music which well known in Iraq, but also popular in a dozen of countries in Eastern Europe as well. In Bulgaria, the country of Cvetelina Aneva, Chalga music style is known as "pop folk"

An Iraqi and a Bulgarian duet, whoever thought of that should that should be hired to make science fiction movies. I know there are many Iraqis married to ladies from Eastern Europe as they used to study in colleges in those countries under the Saddam regime.

The back story where men are betting on women and ladies guarded with men dancers seems a bit outlandish to me. But as a work of art, this music video is pretty magical.

Reda Al Abdallah & Cvetelina Aneva - Habiby Laa

A Palestinian Obsession With Deer's Beauty

Since the ealry history of mankind and the his relationship with the animal has been a weird one. One time we kill them and eat their flesh, sometimes we ride on them and use them to do all sorts of jobs. And there are the moments when we admire them and want to play caregivers to them.

This is a story of a Palestinian who took it upon himself to preserve the local Palestinian deer where he has converted his home into a park for these very elegant creatures. In the report you will see some local artists singing songs about deers.

Arabs have some obsession with deers in terms of looks, they are the perfect look to compare people to. So when you want to say a gorgeous lady, you will say she is like deers. Hear the songs and enjoy this bizarre link. Maybe next time when I spot a deer in Rock Creek Park, I will keep that in mind.

هارون عمايرة -مربي الغزلان جلال ابو نعمان/جلجلية

Carole Samaha Makeup Artist Should Be Fired

It's no secret that celebrities pay top dollars to look their best, makeup, and clothes are part of that image that sells. But when makeup goes bad or actually make the celebrity look worse, it's not only botched it can be fatal for one's self esteem.

Check out this video from Carole Samahe where she is wishing you--her fan happy holidays. She is working on some new projects, but what she needs to work on is her makeup. I do not know as a fan of hers, this makeup really makes her look scary and that means older way older than what we are used to seeing form her. Am I overreacting?

Happy Holidays.. from Carole Samaha

A Metallica Worthy Arabic Music Video

This music video is from the 70s, a Shabai style song by Mohammed Adawyah. The song does not mean anything in particular. There are men in dark, skeletons, fangs and blood. I do not know who had this idea to make such a music video that I would never have imagined possible.

Metal and Goth music make really creepy music videos, it's an art that has its fans, but I can never understand it myself, but I am here to see this is a bold music video to make in an Arab country. That's certainly a cheap looking music video, but the concept is new or was new back then. What do you think?

The film where this song was featured is about to get remade with the leading guy along some new blood no pun intended.
أحمد عدوية - أغنية جهرشه "فيلم"

2011 Roundup In Arabic Entertainment And Politics

2011 is no ordinary year not just in politics, but also in Arabic music as well. Few stars have passed away, and those remaining around are working hard to maintain their name in the business as younger and more energized names work their way into the business.

No more pro regime singers having an easy access to state run TVs, there are those voices who supported regimes and there are those who defied them. Some had a crazy year, others are running for their life away from their home countries.

In other news a dozen of A list singers had babies this year, it seems that 2011 is the year when having a baby is no longer a stigma...tune in.

2011 Roundup In Arabic Entertainment video by Elaph
ثورات وإنهيارات ورحيل فنانين.. أبرز عناوين العام 2011

Amr Diab Botox Makeover In "Banadeek Ta'ala"

I am a lifelong fan of Amr Diab, but that does not mean, I hold back when I see something I do not like. To his credit, his muscles are looking good. Amr has been doing time at the gym. Amr can add a new title to his name aside from King of Pop, king of botox sounds more like it.

But look at his face, it does not move...this tells me one thing botox. There's one one impression that his face makes and it's the blank stare and his face looks to have been frozen by those injections. And then the music video itself, Amr left no women behind. Packing in this club room as many women as he can find. I do not recall seeing another guy in the mix.

I like the energy in the room and love the lute bit too. It will remind those who say Amr Diab is old that you are only as old as you feel or in Amr Diab case you are only as old as you look.

Amr Diab - Banadeek Ta'ala عمرو دياب - بناديك تعالي

Hotel California Gets An Arabic Pop Makeover

Hotel California might one of those global songs, that means people of the world know it and Americans are not upset. The Eagles had this gem that made them the household they have become--sure they have other hits, but none of the fame of Hotel California.

I know Tamer Hosny did a cover of it in one of his concerts, but what does he know. So here's popular Libyan Egyptian composer, producer, singer and actor Hamid Shaari take the song for a spin in his studio, and you know he did not disappoint.

I have always loved the song and now I have one more reason to love it, Hamid Shaari's hip Arabic touch unto this hit aside from Arabic obsession with Mercedes Benz that gets a shout-out

Hotel California Hamid El Shari Style .wmv

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Marc Black Crafts An Epic For Bouazizi

Few Arab singers told the story of the young man who set himself on fire protesting poverty and corruption in Tunis. Here's an American song that tells the story of Mohamed Bouazizi, the young Tunisan man who set himself on fire and changed the entire Arab World and with it the world. This track was written and recorded in New York by artists who watched the whole thing unfold and were inspired.

Marc Black on guitar and vocals, Brahim Fribgane on oud and percussion, Steve Gorn on bamboo flute, Don Davis on bass clarinet, Eric Parker on drum kit and Michael Esposito on electric bass.

The song is titled Sometimes A Spark takes you on a journey that chronicles the inception of the Arab Spring in that little Tunisian town to the streets of Cairo ending in the lobbies of Washington DC.

I spoke to Marc Black about his song, here's what he had to say

I read about Mohamed Bouazizi in the New York Times and I was immediately moved. I wanted to express how connected I felt to what was going on in Tunisia and, by that time, in Egypt.

Mohamed's story reminded me of the Rosa Park's incident in America in the 1950's The symbolism of an elderly black woman who refused to go to the back of the bus changed the world. Sometimes that's all it takes. And that's how I came up with the title…Sometime a Spark.

Then I decided to put the verses in a minor key and work with some men who are experienced in music from that part of the world. I hired Brahim Fribgane to play percussion and oud; and Steve Gorn to play wooden flute. I blended them with my regular band (from Woodstock, NY) to express the American musical landscape. This seem like the best way express our solidarity.

This has been a wonderful experience for me. I do hope I get the opportunity to sing this song in person in Tunisia one of these days.

Sometime A Spark

Marc received lots of positive feedback after posting on Facebook. One note came from a Tunisian man, Zied Mhirsi:

I just heard your song and I have to say that we LOVE it. This song is going to have an amazing effect on the Tunisians and the Egyptians who will hear it. This is the first time, we hear an american singing about our revolution and telling the story to his fellows. You are making us feel so proud of what we achieved and of what some have died for. Thank you.

And another one:
T.P.A.O (Tunisian Press Agency Observer) المستقلة Hi Marc .. We have found your song "Sometime a Spark" on an FB wall (Tunisia Live) .. we have eventually shared it .. Thank you for your song, for telling our story, and being clear that this is not an arab thing anymore.. simply a global issue .. Thank you Sir.

Nessim Bouslama also interviewed Marc on RTCI.

Ahmed Ezzat Song For Egypt Mixed Bag

First the music makes the song sound like a badass one, then the vocals proof you wrong. Not sure what's the idea behind having a rock song with soft vocalists and less than canny lyrics. At these times, Egypt needs a lot mroe than songs, but if there must be a song, it has to live up to the moment and capture the steam not fall flat.

This could have been a good song, the story they express in this song are pretty standard, the Lord is watching over you do not have to worry. For all it's worth, I really like the chorus. And I certainly adore the music.
Ahmed Ezzat - Rabena Ely Hameha / أحمد عزت وخالد - ربنا اللي حاميها

The First Mainstream Arabic Film About AIDS

The First Arabic Movie About Full Blown AIDS did not come from an Arab Gulf country where we read, AIDS and HIV are a reality--still hush hush though. It took an Egyptian lady and her story with AIDS to tell the first mainstream picture about people with this disease.

This is a big story especially when Hind Sabry, the Tunisian starlet popular in Egypt took the lead to tell the story. This looks like a solid drama about all the unique stories to Arabs living with it. From what we hear, the filmmakers manged to tell a human story that allowed the audience to see a compelling side--not to blame someone with AIDS.

The movie features a Hijab wearing lady, not your typical image you have on mind for someone living with AIDS, and that's the genius of this movie.

P.S. The lady the movie is telling her story has passed away days before the release of the movie.
هند صبري مصابة بمرض الأيدز

My Interview With NPR On Arabic Protest Music

Read this story on NPR, "Leaders Wanted: Protest Songs From The Arab Spring" I Did this interview with Bob Siegel From All Things Considered.I helped give them an idea about the kind of key songs from the Arab Spring worthy of being featured to their listeners. Hot Arabic Music remains the biggest English website dedicated to Arabic Entertainment.

We had so little time for the interview, but it certainly was a pleasure to be on the air with this iconic American voice. Listen to my interview below talking about protest music from Tunisia, Egypt and Syria.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bokra Tomorrow Album

Here's an album from team Quincy Jones, that helped brought us the Bokra song. Now comes the album to raise money from you individuals. Foundations have given money lots of it, now comes your turn to help make life better for all the children.

For that you get the Bokra track and 14 other songs by American and world famous voices. Such an album would not have been an easy production if it was not for some serious work form the people behind it to get the royalties form those songs cleared up.

01 - V/A - Bokra
02 - Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror
03 - Kazim Al Sahir - Baghdad
04 - Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love
05 - Shakira - Underneath Your Clothes
06 - Leona Lewis - I Got You
07 - Marwan Khoury - Kl Al Asayed
08 - Chris Brown - Crawl
09 - Usher - Moving Mountains
10 - Tamer Hosny - Masr Al Salam
11 - John Mayer - Say
12 - Avril Lavigne - Nobody's Home
13 - Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway
14 - The Script - Live Like We're Dying
15 - Tash - In The Silent
Tomorrow / Bokra Official Video - أغنية بكرا

Tamer Hosny Huh? "Smile" Music Video With Shagy

Shaggy was a big star a decade ago, Tamer Hosny is releasing a new music video with this Jamaican star in few days. We have the audio and now comes the video. I have yet to hear the song, but I am not a big fan of Shagy at this moment. Tamer was in New York in November, New York is the place where Shagy calls home, this means "Smile" could have been recorded then. While I am not "Boombastic" about this song, it does buy some attention and positive coverage for Tamer Hosny. The club will be two duded driving in cars, standing next to bridges, and hanging out in the club. Will this be the shot Tamer Hosny is looking for to redeem his career and launch it to the world? Tamer is hardly the first Egyptian singer to play in this area, Mohamed Mounir is currently touring with the song of iconic reggie singer Bob Marley. Smile Soon - Tamer Hosny We Shaggy Smile Soon - تامر حسنى وشاجى

The Muslim Brotherhood Song For Egypt's Election

The Muslim Brotherhood wants you to know that they like music just like you and that they know the hot singers of the minute. that's why the song for their campaign to win the Egyptian parliament had a song by young comer Mohamed Kilany--the guy with that big jaw smile of his.

The singer confirms he is not a member of the party, but that they have approached him to use this song in their ads. The song was sold by the producer not the singer, but I am sure his song got some air time in his home.

The song is not all that new, it's updated from the original oldie of Sayed Darweesh the video is below. It's a song about being a force for all things positive and doing the right thing. The Brotherhood did not win becasue of the song, but rather becasue they are close to the people.

FJP هنفكر ونعمر.. الحرية والعدالة

Sayed Darwish-Aho da el sar اهو ده لي صار--سيد درويش

Carol Saqr When Creative Means Weird

Carol Saqr is one of my all time favorite Lebanese vocalists, she can really sing with her Soprana like forte voice that she can manipulate so well. She even married a music composer whom she collaborates with on many occasions. Carol was one of the few good friends that late Lebanese director Yehya Saaade had.

So for that, she is commemorating his memory with a song and a music video, which is pretty awesome of her as many seemed to have moved one. Carol went to the water for that one where she swims in a large pool and then comes the music.

Then comes the sand where people are buried alive. Then the song becomes about Lebanon for a minute. And then the weirdos come, sumo wrestlers, tattooed faces and bodies. To me, this is like opening a can of weird.

Yehya Clip Tribute

The Egyptain "Saving Private Ryan" is Kibreet

The Egyptian army does not make movies about its history and thus they do not allow others in that country to make a movie about them, they also control the narrative and the politics. If you want to make a movie about them, they must give you the green light, and it makes sense you would want to ask for their help as in loaning you tank or some weapons.

But an indie director in Egypt made a movie on his own, called Kibreet and the buzz has been building for months now. The story is about a unit of the Egyptian army that held onto a small town as they were ambushed by an Israeli army unit in the 1973 war.

So fasten your seat belt for this ride that will offer you action and history.

YouTube 114 Trailer تريلر فيلم معركة كبريت 1973

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Egyptians Are Coming To You Jerusalem

The young and faithful in Egypt will never let go for the fact that they want to pray in Al Aqsa Mosque in the city of Jerusalem. they really want to pray there and walk there to that place and worship there.

See the young people of faith in the streets of Cairo envisioning the first day they arrive to Jerusalem. They do not have fighting words, one actually said that he wanted to see all people of faiths and humanities pray next to each other.

Axeer - رمضان في القدس

Malk Al-Naser, The Wind Blew My Dress Song

Malk Al Naser is a young pop singer from Jordan. She caught her big break in 2005 when she has that duet with then popular Jad Choury--plus the song was pretty dope. Now she is making a cool video on her own this time.

About the wind blew her dress and thus she is helpless if people see under her dress. I think this is cute song that a lot of females will relate to. I do think that Malk now looks like every other pop singer at home--they have have one face--the fish face.

The fashion take part of this music video--what girl won't like that? A horse and a carriage with a dude is another page from a tale. The handsome guy with his scooter is another page. Jad Shewry have directed this picture.
Malk Al-Naser Al-Hawa 6yr Fostany ملك الناصر - الهوا طير فستاني2012

Download Diana Haddad 2012 Album, Her Best Comeback!!

Why does not Diana sing in Lebanese? One, there's no money in it anymore. Two, she lives in Dubai and grew up in Kuwait, so the Gulf is her home.

01.Belra7ah 3ali, she is still sweet
02.Bent Asool, and Diana is back to her Lebanese muse, the party is ON.
03.Eah Ra2yak, Diana sends Egypt some Love! This is a delightful song that will bring Egypt back to camp Diana
04.Ent M3y, club mix for you kids who love energy drinks and night parties. Diana sounds sweet and nostalgic
05.Esm3 Klamhum, the title sounds like a beloved Diana classic, it's cloning by any other name. Yet, I am intrigued.
06.Keed Elnsa, let the games begin and cat fights will go on.
07.Qalet Diana, we have heard this single before and it was a fine song
08.Rej3 Elshita Mawal the Arabic blues about being alone
09.Rj3 Elshita, this is a song for the cold winter
10.Toob Elfara7
11.Wedi A7ki, the Gulf and other Arabs will savor this song that reminds us that we all tell the same stories.
12.Yahadh Qalbi, love this song and the lyrics, the beat is OK
14.Yshad Allah, this is the true hit song of the album. Diana is back with fine lyrcis and an upbeat beat. Long live Lebanon. ديانا حداد يشهد الله 2012 Diana haddad Yechadallah

Ahmed El Attar, A C List Egyptain Pop Singer

Check out the videos from this concert where Ahmed El Attar appeared, he seemed overwhelmed with the fact he is performing at this large venue. This is not the first time I have heard of this singer, I know he has his fan base in Egypt, but not much outside that country.

Not sure if he offers anything that has not been out there for a while, but who am I to hate on him? If there are people out there, who like him, then be it. Here are some footage for two songs one upbeat and another slow

Malou - Ahmed El Attar مالو - حفلة - أحمد العطار

Sana Wara Sana - Ahmed El Attar سنه ورا سنه - حفلة - أحمد العطار

Fayrouz Karawya Has More Courage Than Most

Granted she is a singer, but she is not like those ones who go into hiding whenever there's some new riots or when people get killed. The songs Faryouz Karawya are bold and do not try to sugar coat anything. Such songs should be played on Egyptian radios 24/7. They are about love of the land and sacrificing that which is deer.

Fayrouz releases new singles frequently to express her thoughts opn what she sees on the streets of Egypt. She sides with the people every time and she puts Egypt first, becasue those who murder others in its name are wrong.

Fayrouz'a vocals are the perfect match to the energy in the streets of Cairo. The images she affixes to her songs make the point, but they are not worth a thousand word of Karawya's.
Eh ele Fadel - Fayrouz Karawya | أيه اللي فاضل - فيروز كراوية

Egypt Needs Dramatic Shift, Not Band Aid

Those who cannot do, and those who cannot do, talk. And those can do neither, they sing. That's the solution that many music production companies seem to come up with. Every time there's a new riots in Cairo, they release a new song, or re-release an old one to express love for the land without taking sides.

In the meantime, here's a an older song with a group of Egyptian singer who want to express their love for their homeland. I believe this is a duet.
Fe 3neena / فى عينينا

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Writing On The Wall 2012 Album

2011 is no ordinary year, and this is an album to go well with this year. an Experimental album with many young voices that addresses a number of their worries. Topics such as unemployment, loss of hope and faith. Love and dignity are themes all around this album.

I like the concept songs about the reluctant young man who has lived all his live in darkness and now he is afraid of the light--think democrats Egypt after Mubarak rule of 30 years. At times, the albums gets philosophical, but all relevant and all is right for the audience the album is targeting, the young ones.

01 - Hamaki - Shakhbata.3al.7eet
02 - Ramy Gamal - Ana.Ma3zour
03 - Khaled Ezz - Ghazl.ELBanat
04 - Nariman - Maba2ash.Fe.7aga
05 - Ramy Gamal - ALWasia
06 - Khaled Ezz -7eta.Meny
07 - Tamer Ali - Ma7alak.Ser
08 - Khaled Ezz - Resala.Men.Metgharab
09 - Ramy Gamal - Bahebak.Be.Shakl.Mo5talef
10 - Khaled Ezz - Ya3ny.Eah.Kelmy.Ba7ebek

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nabil Shuail 2012 Album, Anyone?

Nabil Shuail is the nicest Arab singer you will meet, the down to earth super star who is a responsible for what's perhaps the first pop Gulf song to come mainstream is due for a comeback this year.

He just let his new album out, with Rotana, no title song, just the name of the singer and the year--not a new thing by any means. Nabil is one guy to like, he has the humility and the talent and he keeps his ego in check--just want any of his TV appearances.

That's why the title Bulbul Al Khaleej is his nick name...he is the humming bird of the Gulf.

01 Abn Sakom, not sure what the topic is, but I like the beat
02 Meshwar Nabeel, a song with the singer's name is interesting, but this is about a journey of a lifetime.
03 Aghla Albashar, the song and the story only the Gulf would appreciate it.
04 Mazilt Lak, a sweet gooey song that bring the most romantic Nabil to date.
05 Lah Takawil Mayafid, a song that does not add much to the album
06 Min Alsadiq, a gain a song made for local consumption and older listens who like to sit around the fire and tell stories.
07 Yamamlouh, a good story with a decent beat.
08 Helm, a very good song that brings the best in Nabil's vocals. The dedicated lover who just does not want to quit.
09 Ya Asaal, a song about weet things and hope.

A Tree Is For Christmas Not New Year

Mazzika makes good music and knows how to sing a big name in Arabic music. The Egyptian company knows how to make a decent music video and better yet, they know how to sell it. But in their latest holiday card via YouTube, they seem to confuse or at least ignore Christmas. Check out their video where a tree makes an appearance, was this their way not to ruffle any feathers, and just with you a Merry Chrismas, they even played the We Wish You A Merry Christmas song. Happy New Year 2012

Friday, December 16, 2011

Hip Hop Revolution: An Overview of Arabic Hip Hop

Hi, everyone. I'm Ulysses and I'm here to share my new article that just went up on OpenDemocracy. It's called "Hip Hop Revolution." It provides an overview of the Arabic hip hop scene and explores how hip hop affects the way Arab youth interact with the revolution. I look at the scenes in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Libya, and Lebanon and feature Malikah 961, Soultana, Ibn Thabit, Ahmed Rock of Revolution Records, Lotfi Double Kanon, and El Général. (Note: To read the post with properly embedded Universal Subtitles videos, please click here). Check it out!

Will The Real Angham Stand Up?

Angham was born to be a diva, if you have any doubt, here's the YouTube answer to you. This was taking in November, at closing ceremony for the Arab Music Festival in Cairo. There, she asked to the orchestra to sit this one out. And she took the lead with her song for January....Arabic Yannyer is the Arabized word.

She saluted the fallen whose death have brought life and removes the veils on people's eyes. The audience ate the song up, they asked for an encore and Angham gave it to them. This is a good tribute song for the January 25th revolution.

أنغام - يناير (لايف) | حفل ختام مهرجان الموسيقي العربية