Wednesday, November 27, 2013

WATCH: فيروز كراوية - قلة المزاج / Fayrouz Karawya - Ellet El-Mazag

The it lady of indie music in Egypt, strikes again and this time she really means business. The indie-minded Fayrouz Karawya went down to the streets of Cairo and drove her car filming the new music video about the buzzkill in Cairo when people do not feel like doing anything at all.

She even went to play soccer for this joint, I do not know what to make of that tomboy look, but it works well with Fayrouz, the song is unlike anything she has done before. I like the gym bit, but she needs to try to workout a bit harder next time. The song as described by the artist, is a personal song about the state of mind we all experience.

This is a universal song about boredom and the different ways people use to kill time. This is a very raw music video, no story just the thoughts inside the singer and the directors' head. I do not think smoking is sexy. As a song from an indie artist, it does what it's supposed to do--make you think.

The title can be used to describe the general state of Egypt--no one wants to do anything anymore. Stalemate. The songstress came was born in the city of Port Said--the same place where tens of soccer fans were murdered.

فيروز كراوية - قلة المزاج / Fayrouz Karawya - Ellet El-Mazag


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