Friday, November 15, 2013

Every Single Album Released By Kadem Al Saher

His first album came in 1984, I am sure many of you were not alive then. And his last album came almost two years ago. Now this Iraqi legend Kathem Al Saher or Kadim/Kazim is the man. He is a composer by heart, a lyricists by feelings and a singer by profession.

He has certainly recorded a number of single and special songs that are hard to count for, but each of the albums he has released are listed below with their title and release date. I counted 23 albums--most of whom have either Iraqi style songs, or poems by Nizar Qabbani and other artists. 

He is formally an Iraqi entertainer, larger than life, but he has lived as if he is a responsible Arab citizen and a positive force in the world.

البوم شجرة الزيتون 1984 "The Olive Tree"

البوم غزال 1989 "Ghazal"
البوم العزيز 1990 "The Dear One"

البوم افرح 1992 "Be Happy"
البوم لا يا صديقى 1993 No, My Dear Friend

البوم بانيت الاعيبك 1993 The Jig Is Up
البوم سلامتك من الاه 1994 Get Well

البوم بعد الحب 1995 Post Love
البوم صعب عليا 1996 Hard For Me 

البوم اغسلى بالبرد 1996 A Cold Bath
البوم فى مدرسة الحب 1997 School Of Love
البوم انا وليلى 1998 Leila And I

البوم حبيبتى والمطر 1999 My Sweetheart And The Rain

البوم الحب المستحيل 2000 The Impossible Love
البوم ابحث عنك 2001 Searching For You
البوم قصة حبيبين 2002 The Story Of Tow In Love
البوم حافية القدمين 2003 Barefooted

البوم الى تلميذه 2004 To A Pupil

البوم انتهى المشوار 2005 End Of The  Road
البوم يوميات رجل مهزوم 2007 The Dairy Of A Defeated Man

البوم صور 2008 Pictures 
 2009 الرسم بالكلمات Painting With Words

البوم لا تزيديه لوعه 2011 Don't Tease Him

Kazem Al Saher Madraset Al Hob كاظم الساهر مدرسة الحب
كاظم الساهر - حافية القدمين بالفصحى من كلمات نزار قباني
 تحميل جميع البومات كاظم الساهر 26 البوم


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