Sunday, November 24, 2013

Arab Idol Ziad Khoury Is A Super-Nice Guy!

I caught up with Lebanese pop star and Arab Idol finalist Ziad Khoury while he was in town for an Arab Idol tour. Ziad joined Mohammed Assaf and Farah Yousef on their US tour. I met him backstage in Washington, DC. I approached him if he can take a picture with a Lebanese guy from Bint Jibil who was too shy to ask himself.

I found Zaid Khoury to be warm, down to earth and most of all someone who enjoys a great deal of personality. He replied favorably and chatted up with Abed- the local DC attorney who wanted the picture. Ziad asked him about his town and all that, Abed was shy he did not speak Arabic, so Ziad switched to English. And he made Abed's day.

I then was encouraged and asked him for a picture with me, he was gracious and said anything for the fans. Then we talked a bit about Arab Idol, the voting and how Roa voted for him even though she was form Gaza, he was really happy to hear that. Then greeted her, I felt good about him. He made time to talk up with people backstage. His Detroit concert was a big hit as hundreds of Lebanese folks came out to his concert.

Ziad sang for Lebanon, and the pride they all have, he also welcomed the non-Lebanese and he seemed a natural. I loved his style on stage and how he would wave to the screaming fans. But most of all, I like his personality. He does not have a big ego and he seems to be happy for his peers on are part of this tour....I know watching him on TV, I thought he is good-looking, but now I know he has the amazing personality that goes with it as well.

Ziad Khoury in Detroit


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