Tuesday, November 12, 2013

@HotArabicMusic Presents @BigMoGLMG The Nomadic Hiphop Artist

Meet this hiphop artist with a brain and a conscious, his name is Mohammed “BigMo the Nomadic” Alkhadher, from Jackson, Mississippi to a Kuwaiti father & an American mother. The 21-year-old international musician, producer, and songwriter made his home and set his roots in Kaifan before attending undergraduate college at Portland State University from 2007-2012. He frequently travels around the U.A.E. and US, earning his title, The Nomadic.He is out with a cleverly titled song Both Sides Of The Sand

BigMo is really one of the few people who can rap about oil as on one side he comes form the land that supplies it, and he also comes form a land that consumes it the most. Though every artist can come at the same project with a completely different process, having a foundation to work from is useful if you're struggling to write your music, BIG MO does not have that problem. The mark of a good rapper is the ability to string words together into captivating rhymes, but the mark of a great one is the ability to weave those rhymes into stunning narratives that grip and maintain the listener's attention through the end of the song.

As hip-hop has matured as an art form, writers have come along who have taken the craft to new heights with their storytelling talents. Suddenly what started out as giddy toasting over party music had evolved into something closer in spirit to the gifted griots of African history.

Oil Money – Oil Money is a sarcastic title, the song is quite the opposite. It’s about the misconceptions westerners may have towards Oil Money, or “Arab Money”. Not knowing, very like the west, the wealth is concentrated amongst the very few and greedy.
History in the making,
Arabs tryna make it,
Snare and kick,
mic inhance my statement,
Taking it back to basics,
None of yakll thoughts we could be sick.
History in the making,
Sheikhs in the basement,
Machines and hella pens, goodness sakes kids,
yall think I got that oil money,
cayman island offshore money,
you and the news are so dummies,
misconcerned, ignorant,
only type of bomb youll ever find me with.
yall fear us like you did 50’s to communits.
propogated, politics, just talking shit.
Suits and tied, formal gossip,
president how many skulls are in your closet?
How many households do you really think you saved?
When you sent those drones out ordered to ingage,
think a missile at a home, is just a game?
Tell me why bush, still isn’t in a cage.
Tell me why it’s not okay for me to be inraged,
cause half my people are getting paid, living plush?
not enough,
palestines alive diamond in the rough.
Yes I prophet for prophet,
yes my name is mohammed,
never nod when it’s nonsense,
Yes I do this with conscious,
This is more than a concept,
This is more than a hot hit,
SamareI produced the instruments for me to spark with,
Like US to Israel, ask for more when provided,
Then make claims for peace, acting like they are Gandhi,
I got my people behind me, guaranteed you can’t stoppem,
I write, The reason I went to college,
I’ma rebel benevolent, askin questions like letterman,
from the land of soft sedement, comes a rock you can’t levy with,
go to war on a hit and miss, so wrong like you hit the miss,
speak soft with a big stick, make up for your small (beep),
I remember rolling deep ina jeep with the Columbian Frankie,
with my boohiz with me, through the country that made me,
Wild (son) kaifan, told you I’m so Kuwaiti,
And I put on for my people despite all of those that hate you,
You aint me.
from BOTH SIDES OF THE SAND, released 23 November 2013
All tracks written by Mohammed BigMo Alkhadher


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