Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WATCH: Pop Legend Amr Diab On FIRE In Abu Dhabi

He lives there now, the UAE has been the place where Amr Diab and his entire family have lived for more than two years now. Since the release of his hot album last month, the pop legend has been on fire, as his record has broken sale records, and his views went up the roof.

Amr Diab was all energy at his own concert, all hype and his performances is as always amazing. He knows how to do a live  concert better than any other Arab stars. It was one hell of a crazy live concert, Amr Diab does not waste time. Every minute of his concerts are a treat. He also give his audience teases and new material that he has yet to perform.

The concert was part of the Formula 1 race, the pop star did a a number of songs mostly the new ones, and not to  forget a selection of the Amr Diab classics. Other artists who performed on the same stage and night were Elissa and Hussien Al Jasmi

Amr Diab makes the concert an interactive experience, I have never seen him live and would love to see this pop icon live for once. Amr is very close to the Western model of concerts where fun is the goal, the the artists know their fans love them, so they work hard to give them an experience.

 جرالي أيه - عمرو دياب جزيرة ياس أبوظبي 2013 l حصرياً


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