Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mohammed Assaf Makes The United Nation Dance To #Gaza #Palestine

As a good will ambassador to the world on behalf of the United Nation, and the Palestinian people, he visited the United Nation headquarter in New York and talked about the plight of millions of refugees--he was one of them until he shot to fame. I know he has personally lived the Palestinian refugee story right before his rags to riches tale. One thing, many in Palestine expect their idol to help out in any way he can to get the word out on their struggle. So far he has done what he could, and people need to know, he is an entertainer not some political leader.

From what it seems the visit to the UN was a successful one, you can see the Palestinians representative in the UN clapping, and so do few other friendly nations to the Palestinian cause. A number of Palestinians in the international body's hall danced along, and the rest were clapping. I think this was a fun and the popular thing to do....I love hoe some delegates got up and cheered on the Arab Idol who has been rocking American concerts halls.

This kid is brilliant entertainer with a heart of gold and a strong message. I know he will be a good influence on the Palestinian struggle. The young artist got to meet with the UN Secretary General and had an intimate reception sponsored on behalf of UNRWA.

He is a young man who is trying to figure how to make sense of it all, now he is a celebrity wherever he goes, a day before he appeared on the audition for the show in Cairo--he was reported to have slept on the sidewalk. I connect with him there, because I too slept on the sidewalk on the borders of Egypt and Rafah. I too slept in the car in a hot summer night at the Israeli checkpoint near the border of West Bank and Jordan....he is one of us and note his fans admire his story.  

محمد عساف يغني في الامم المتحده


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