Friday, November 8, 2013

WATCH: Hass Tar - Mohamed Abdo (Video Clip) | حس طار - محمد عبده فيديو كليب #SaudiArabia

The Saudis are good people for liking one legendary singer and serving as his home. Mohammad Abdo is that old Arab Bedouin soul, he is the man of the desert, and his music video recreates the desert life where folks learn to go back to nature and live on less--all you need is fire and then all of a sudden you got yourself a party.

This is a major music video from a guy who does not like to shoot them--if you notice he is giving his back to the party, he is about the music and leading the song. It's an updated poetry with music, I love how the song feels. It is the sounds he makes and the textures she creates that frame her work as a uniquely hegemony

I like where the simplicity of outfit, customs and decor, these Daf want to have a good time. This is not my favorite song from the Saudi icon, but I love every bit of the music video. Abdo is the reason many think of Saudi Arabia is a place that appreciates art. He combines markers of religion, culture, and spirituality with an indelibly global, futuristic outlook that bends to no one’s whims but his own. And that is more rebellious than a hand full of middle fingers at the Super Bowl could ever be.

Hass Tar - Mohamed Abdo (Video Clip) | حس طار - محمد عبده فيديو كليب


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