Friday, November 8, 2013

"Fayrouz, I Love You" The Remix Album

In 1998, a Libyan music producer released a tribute album where a collection of Fayrouz's best hits were re-recorded with new musical arrangement -think dance/club mix. This was a risk move, she is a legend and you do not miss with those. But Hamid El Shari was a big fan and he put out a fun album that brought in many new fans to the real Lebanese diva.

The album remixed 8 of her most popular songs--she has more than couple of hundreds. Hamid got a big band to perform the songs, kept much of the original music, but made it a little faster and introduced few electric affects  This album was a big hit back then, of course Hamid was one of the busiest entertainers in the business--he has switched to radio.

حميد الشاعري -- قمره يا قمره


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