Monday, November 4, 2013

Listen: Shaaban Abdel Rahim – Ba2ena 3al Hadida

He is the most colorful Sha'abi style singer and a joke among his peers. But he has the fellowship and the news headlines. He has a new song about being broke, loving the General Sisi, and hating on Doctor Baradei. He calls the general a stud and someone with balls, he calls Doctor Baradei a cheater and a traitor.
Shaaban Abdel Rahim has always been close to the pulse of the street, he talks like the people who never went to college, he is the anti-education and smart people. But the dude is a hit on the streets. mos like him because they get to laugh at him. I like him, but I disagree with him...this is some random song that gets people to talk about this mess in Egypt.

Note that all his songs have the same beat and same format, the only thing changes are the lyrcis--he might be laugiing all the way to the bank while Egyptains are scrambling to make a living.

شعبان عبد الرحيم بقينا على الحديدة


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