Monday, November 18, 2013

Listen To Slain Shafik Kabha Very Last Song Before His Cowardly Assination

The Israeli Police remain clueless about who opened fire and murdered the beloved Palestine 48 singer Shafik Kabha. Luckily, we have the very last song he performed in the concert right before he drove off in his car and was gunned down shortly after.

It's a sad song about going away and not being seen or heard from for a long time. It's a very powerful performance from Shafik, one of his finest live performances, the music is always a let down in these songs, but this time it was not nearly as bad.

May his soul rests in peace....this one will be among his lasting legacy

أغنية لا تنسانا يا أغلى الاحباب للفنان الكبير شفيق كبها غناها قبل أن يقتل في أم الفحم4 201


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