Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This Lebanese Songstress Just Had A Concert In Islamabad, Pakistan

The Pakistani capital Islamabad was the place of choice where Lebanese pop star Vivian Mrad (Morad) held a benefit concert. Pakistan has a lot of local music, but you do not read about many pop stars from the Arab world performing there.

It seems that Vivian Mrad was invited to perform there by the head of Human Rights In The World organization to take part of the Music festival for peace. The songstress accepted the offer as a humanitarian gesture. Vivian has also been designated as a good will ambassador for women and children--Vivian has actually adopted 61 kids away form the spotlight and has been working tirelessly to serious humanitarian causes.

While in town, Vivian did an interview for the Pakistan TV and met with the Lebanese ambassador, later that night the concert went well and many kids were in attendance.

viviane mrad - sho sayer fik / فيفيان مراد - شو صاير فيك


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