Friday, November 8, 2013

This Beautiful Song Goes Out To Slain Palestinian Singer Shafik Kabha

The unknown gunmen who took his life remain at large, Shafik Kabha is six feet under. the man who helped brought to much energy and joy out of people living under grueling circumstances, was gunned down. Luckily, one beloved diva from the same area inside Arab 48 areas inside Israel, dedicated a song for his soul

Dalal Abu Amneh loved the artists ans his music, now she sang a song on his memory about the violence, bullying and the assassinations. The song offers healing to the grieving ones. It's a good song and Dalal made it special, it's wake up cal for those who can think as for the ones dead inside it's too late. It's nice of Dalal to remember the falling artist and dedicate the song to his memory.

دلال ابو أمنة ترثي الفنان الفنان شفيق كبها وتهدي روحه اغنية


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