Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Amal Maher Rocked The World Of Egyptian Pop

Amal Maher win over millions of fans in 2011, and in 2013 she is working to win few more millions this year when she is hoping to release an album. She is a first-rate family woman too, but she is a talented diva with a strong voice. She was working for five years before she hit the big times.

She done all the cover songs there is to do, concerts in Egypt, and the Gulf adores her live concerts, but she wanted to make so much more. Her first attempt in 2006 did not go very well, she has a B album. But it was not till in 2011 when she stroke the gold by working on album with collaboration with the best names in the business. she also was willing to try new things and they all seem to have worked well for her.

She is the drama free songstress, private is private and business is business. She is what the Egyptian music scene wanted, something with a good voice and good personality who looks good in high heels. She is one of three leading female ladies that dominate the respectable Egyptian song. In the last three years she had the most success.  Her hip makeover was well times.

Rabena Yekhaleik Leya - Amal Maher ربنا يخليك لية - حفله - امال ماهر


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