Friday, November 22, 2013

@fayrouzkarawyaa Makes Good Music And Some Bad Political Stands

I have always enjoyed the music and the free-spirit music made by indie artist Fayrouz Karawya. She comes across as a lady who has the talent to make music that appeals to both your heart soul and mind. She is what nerds would find interesting, she has the voice and the agenda young women and older ones would appreciate.

She writes a lot of her songs and material, to me she is a good role model. Now, I have an issue with her, she really lost me when she started getting political...taking sides in Egypt. Fayrouz was one of the voices that formed the liberal line about how the Muslim Brotherhood is bad for Egypt, and how the democratically elected president need to go. I think music should bring people together, and certainly Fayrouz has the right to state her opinions....but these change over time, but great art does not.

Now, Karawya had her wish, but is she happy with what she sees in Egypt? Is this is the dream of the liberal Egyptians? I don't think so. Egypt is not better off with the removal of the president, the army is jailing her liberal friends and the guys she sang for on her album. Now, she may have changed her mind, but why take a risk? you know some of your fans disagree with you...what did you gain from getting political?

I hope it was worth it, I doubt it helps your career, I know it did not help Egypt. Why did you release that lame song where you insulted everyone with a beard? Are they nor humans? Sure some of them are strange, crazy or whatever, but they deserve to be part of the process too.

Fayrouz Karawya - Haga Wahda / فيروز كراوية - حاجة واحدة

Fayrouz Karawya - Bataly El Methaly


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