Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hello There, Have You Met Hader? She Is All In "Matehda" - Hader ما تهدى - هدير

There will be always some young person who gets to release a song and a music video, it seems that only 15 percent of these new stars stick around, the rest can lock themselves at home replying the music video over and over--hoping to get rediscovered.

This is the feeling I get when I watch Hader, the new pop lady from Egypt whose music video is currently being featured on Mazzia. She has something in that voice of hers that allows her to say, "I got something different" The music video might be something she may look at and say, "what was I thinking?"

The man behind the song is singer, and composer Diaa who took Hader as a challenge. The question is where is Hader from? Egypt? Morocco?  Her song is telling the guy to cool it, Hader will break your emotional bones if you cross her.

Matehda - Hader ما تهدى - هدير


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