Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Listen: Joseph Attieh - Weilak (Lyric Video) / (جوزيف عطيه - ويلك ( فيديو + كلمات #NewSongs

Joseph Atteih must hate being young, he strikes me as someone who tries to be older than he really is. I think he should enjoy his age and let himself age in time. Joseph Attieh shot to fame years ago on Star Academy and since then he has been fully-engaged in his career.

He released singles, then an album, half a dozen music videos, and even directed one of his video clips. He returns with a new single, and it's actually a fresh track as it feels Syrian to my ears. The mixing and mastering of the song keeps it interesting and entertaining. Unlike many of his peers, Joseph has done the best coming out of such shows--he has a very popular wedding song.

The song is about a veiled threat, the song has been airing on Lebanese radios. Yes, you can dance to this song, but the passion is better enjoyed when you can really think.  

Joseph Attieh - Weilak (Lyric Video) / (جوزيف عطيه - ويلك ( فيديو + كلمات


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