Thursday, March 29, 2012

Samar Abd El Aziz, Syrian Pop Meets Lebanon

For one Syrian singer who wants to break into the Lebanese market, not much work needs to be done. That's the tale of Samar Abd El Aziz, a Syrian pop sensation. Her father is a well respected poet at home. She went south and met with a number of lyricists and composers to work on her album

Few months later, there was an album, according to Samar, the album and all the material in it was custom made just for her. That means romantic lyrics, mellow music and talking about the things only women see. Samar thanks the late Azzar Habib, a well known Lebanese composer and producer.

Here' are two songs from the 8 track album.

  1. Ma Betearef Tezaal
  2. Ensany
  3. Ghayer ElMawdoua
  4. Khawafouny Mennak
  5. Lahzet Hanan
  6. Rouh Edhak Beabak
  7. Shou Betlabbak
  8. Wain Kateb Esmy

Samar Abd El Aziz - Khawefouny Mennak / سمر عبد العزيز - خوفوني منك

Samar Abd El Aziz - Ghayer El Mawdou' / سمر عبد العزيز - غير الموضوع


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