Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Most Famous Arab Pop Trio

To find it, you had to go all the way back to the 80s. Even thought the Band members are still alive and well, two have retried, and one still out there. The man behind the band is musician composer Ammar El Sharei is in the hospital in a critical condition. This is an all Egyptian ensemble, Mona Abdel Ghany, Hanan, and Ala Abdelkhaliq. They had the best music that manged to blend old school Arabic music with hipper Western elements.

The ladies have retired, Mona for at least 13 years--she is talking a bout comeback album with no romance, just messages and socially uplifting songs. They ushered the pop era of the 80s. they were young, hip and hungry. It was an experiment that did not last for long, however, their music is still relevant today.

I have included two video from theirs, one is commenting on new fads and trends, and how hard it's to keep up or keep sane. The second is about coming home after living oversees for some time. It's about dreams and about missing the motherland.

فرقة الاصدقاء / الموضات

أغنية الحدود - لفريق الاصدقاء ( عمار الشريعي )


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