Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Kuwaiti Shams Coming Soonالبوم شمس قريبا - شمس

It's not everyday that you see an Egyptian production company pushing a star from the Gulf. Something Shams did right made her a fun pop persona all over Arabia. We see her new album promo coming with Mazzika who have been producing her music videos as well. Shams has always been bold, but the promo for her soon to be released album takes another side of hers....Shams the romantic.

Most of the songs hat you will hear in the promo are not dance songs, but gooey romantic soft songs where sweetness is permitted.

Shams album soon1 - Shams اعلان البوم شمس قريبا1 - شمس

24 Saah soon - Shams 24 ساعه قريبا - شمس


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