Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Best Two Things About Lebanon

He is all about class, family tradition, and Lebanon. She is about incredible youth, strong voice, and Lebanon. They both met in a song about growing up. A handing the torch of sort between A Lebanese icon Wadie, and a Lebanese diva.

A father to daughter song, Najwa stood her ground and added to this track, this could be the most family oriented duet in the history of mankind. It took two stars who really strike me as a family. This is a way a women makes her voice heard. She shows respect to her elder, but tells him she she is now all grownup.

If you really cannot relate to this song, then you need to check with your cardiologist. The powerfully written lyrics, and the performance gave us on of those experiences that many will remember for a lifetime. The people who saw this song live, will always remember it.

وكبرنا - وديع الصافي ونجوى كرم


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