Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet Nasheed Islamic Music, Mellow Mesut Kurtis

Mesut Kurtis was born Macedonia to a family of Turkish origin. He would become one of the biggest names in Muslim Nasheed music. Started his carerr by performing in groups in the local social clubs, mosques, and conferences. He moved to the UK for further education. There he saw the Muslim presence in cities around that country.

Thus came his next move, release a first album “Salawat” was very warmly received by listeners around the world. His uniquely strong voice and soulful songs gave Mesut a large and loyal fan. I like how like many other Muslim performers, sings in more than one langauge, the international and the local ones to reach more people with his message. The release of his well‐known and celebrated music video Al‐Burdah which was filmed on location in the islands off the coast of Turkey--it's really impressive, see it below

Mesut would describe his music as having a mix influences of Eastern and Western styles, just like the performer himself. He is a product of both the East and the West. He sings mostly about putting love into people’s hearts towards Allah and his beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. There's also his effort to send out a positive and hope‐filled message despite all the bad things that are happening in the world today.

Mesut Kurtis - Burdah | مسعود كرتس - البردة