Friday, March 23, 2012

Nothing Reminds Me Of Mom Like Laila Mrad Does

This is kind of strange to see a singer who has passed away in the company of a singer that you like and still makes music. Three leading females of Arabic entertainment talk about their work. Laial Murad was the guest and she rightfully had the right to be and speak about her work.

Moroccan singer Samir Said sat in during the interview and so did Iraqi singer Susan Attiah. Both up and coming singers who know the great divas when they see them. Composer Baligh Hamdi was present, he was the talent scout who brought those three ladies together. The gifted musician was also a heart breaker himself.

This is a valuable video form many of us who follow Arabic music news,

ليلى مراد تتحدث لبليغ حمدي عن منير مراد بوجود سميرة سعيد وسوزان عطيية


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