Saturday, March 31, 2012

Love This Song! Melhim Zein - "Enti Mchiti"

Lebanese boys sing, but Lebanese grown men rarely chose a career in music. Luckily one of those men has picked music or was picked. I am speaking of Melhim Zein, the runner up of Super Star's first season. He did well and ever since people broke into the studio in protest for his disqualifying and he has been making Arabic music better.

Here's one of his finest blues song about heartache and about the pain of relationships. Melhim stirked me as a guy who does not particularly enjoy music, or sinigng, it's job. But it's a job he is really good at. He is a shy soul any maybe awkward a bit too because he had a fight with another Melhim when they were in Qatar for a concert. He has also said he wants to quit this bullshit called music and sing religious songs..he is also married to the daughter of the former president of Yemen Ali Abdallah Albeed More here.

But all that does not stop me from enjoying his songs, this is one song of his--it's older, but it might as well be the best way to deal with breakup and with abandonment. The song's title is "You Walked Away"
Melhim Zein - Enti Mchiti / ملحم زين - إنتي مشيتي


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