Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Friends Or Business Amr Diab and Hamid

First, you must know that Egyptian singer Amr Diab has just recently lost his mother. There was a huge funeral and it was to place to be seen at. The security was tightened as droves of fans and onlookers wanted to get a glimpse of the stars who are coming to pay their respect.

Since, we won't have another Amr Diab album for at least a while, here is a song of his form 1998, the song was really cool. It's the collaboration of Amr Diab and one of his best friends Hamid El Shari whose best friend with everyone. Hamid does not really work with many stars anymore. He seems to prefer to work with new talents instead.

Though I know Hamid El Sahir is still in the business with his radio and his CDs. I know I liked this song when it came out, it was a fresh style back when Amr Diab really wanted to reclaim his spot when the 90s were good, the early 00s were awesome, but later he joined Rotana and everyone started to have an opinion.

حميد الشاعري وعمرو دياب - انت ياللي بحبك


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