Monday, March 12, 2012

Karmin vs. Donia, The Real Winner of Arab Idol?

Arab Idols has two rocking ladies competing for the title of its first season. One awesome Moroccan lady that knows how to own the stage and transcend to moment musically. The other is Egyptian who 80 million screaming fans, and a near perfection vocals.

I like them both, I do think Karmin has a more flexible vocal chord, but her presence is weaker compared to Donia's. They will compete for the title. There will be drama, and there will be millions of viewers. I have read somewhere that Karmin, the Egyptian contestant, said that she will win the title.

Donia has said that the king of Morocco has personally voted for her. Which is funny because Kings do not tend to favor elections. Karmin will sign with Platinum Records whole will produce her first album.

Karmin has taken home the title, she won and she deserves the best. However, I feel Donia I feel will be the star, she has the star power and I am certain the Gulf will receive her and reward her handsomely.

Arab Idol - Carmen / كارمن سليمان - محمد عبده - وليلة كانت الفرقا

Dounia Batma Sings Aktar Men Awel Ahebak (Ahlam) - Arab Idol


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