Monday, March 19, 2012

Rajae Belmlih, The Moroccan Romance Queen

If the name Rajae Belmlih does not ring a bell, ask your mom or father, they will love to answer that questions. the skinny version, she passed away in 2007 at home due to cancer at age 45 years of age.

Her style is romance, her songs are about life, but her heart beats Morocco all the way. Her tangy sweet voice delivers doses of light pop that connects with listeners with ease. Her fans were so big and so famous, that the UAE gave her citizenship for her active and positive role on camera and off. She enrolled in a doctorate program. Later, she was was named a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 1999 for her role supporting many Arabic charities. She was an outspoken supporter of women's education in the poorer parts of the Arab world.

More than 30 thousand fans turned out for her funeral, she is survived her husband and her five year old son Omar. Her last album came in 2005. Her music is so mellow, romantic yet real, and warm. May her soul rests in peace

Ya Jara Wadeena(1986)
Sabri Alik Tal(1994)
Ya Rhayeb(1996)
Shoq el oyoun(2002)

صبرى عليك طال - رجاء بلمليح.

رجاء بلمليح_يا غايب عن عيوني.avi


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