Monday, March 26, 2012

Lebanese Pianist Michel Fadel Dazzles

He is young, Arab and sounds French! That's the makeup of an all around Lebanese artist, known as much. He is no new comer to the showbiz. Marwan Khoury and Elissa, Nicola Nakhla and young Josef Attieh all consider him as friends, and they have showed up to his concert. They all have worked or collaborated with him in the past. But now, they are just adoring fans of his music

His show was sold out as it took place in the well known Casion Du Liban stage. As for the show, the pianist, composer and music arranger played 16 pieces that range form old Arabic classics and Western ones. He signed his name all over them....

There was a Lebanese theme for the concert, as the artist said in his interview with Elaph that the word Lebanese has been used lately in a more negative sense, he wants to bring back the positive. Maybe this talented voice and music coach can pull it off.

فنانون وإعلاميون يحتفلون مع ميشال فاضل "ع اللبناني"


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