Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bassem Sorsour, A New Egyptian Singer, Dated Style

In a market where the big names are too afraid to release new material, the new talents step in to fill the void, as their big competition is absent and the cost of entering the market is so low. Bassem Sorsour is one of those hoping to breakout while the big names are out of the scene.

I like the guy's voice, it's not the strongest, but his style of choice serves his voice, and his looks helps too. I hope he feels well about his performance, but I am not sure, he will sell albums--no body does right now.

As for his style it feels like a cross between Loai, Tamer, and Issaf, so it might feel tired for some--unless you are a teenager and looking for something to call is your own. Bassem is performing solo now, before that he performed with Seneer band, also with the same label.

Bassem Sorour - Faker Faker باسم سرور - فاكر فاكر

Bassem Sorour - Howa Ya3ni باسم سرور - هوا يعني


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