Monday, March 19, 2012

A Nose Job Love Song For Jewish Guys

Young Jewish men are super sensitive about the size of their noses, maybe they were not noticing the giant sizes of their noses, but the truth is Arabs also have large noses too. The size of one's nose is important to ones self esteem.

So for one Jewish plastic surgeon in Miami Florida whose specialty is noses jobs, he had a marketing idea. Make a music video for young Jewish men and let them know their noses are too big and they are stopping them form reaching their potential. It's a funny music video, but I also can see how it can be seen offensive by some.

So, get a nose job, you will be come a celebrity and you will get the girl. Thanks to Dr. Michael Salzhauer who is also known as "Dr. Schnoz." The band you see is called the Groggers, probably the only Orthodox Jewish pop-punk band in the States.

Salzhauer offered a free nose job to anyone in the band. But it seems that the lead singer is the only band member to cash into that.

"Jewcan Sam" (A Nose Job Love Song) - The Groggers [Official Music Video]


  1. So this is the infamous Jewcan Sam song I've been hearing from my friends. Some of my Jewish guy friends are really sensitive about their noses that they are really considering getting nose jobs. After listening to this, I think it'll just motivate them more...