Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Plastic Arab Singers Before And After Picture, Surgeries Maybe?

I Don't like the fact most of these pictures you find online for Arab celebrities tend to focus on the female ones. No one seems to think about the plastic work male entertainers do, (looking at you Assi Hallani). Looking younger/prettier is no longer exclusive for women.  

Here's Nancy Ajram when she was in high school and when she shot to fame. Some of that difference might be due to growing up. 

Najwa Karam had a transformation and it shows in a good way.

Aline Khalaf had some work done too, but do not underestimate the affects of having a good hair cut.

Color me impressed, Haifa Wehbe also has some explaining to do.
 Elissa, she is well-known for her love of constant change, the nose, the lips and some other parts.

These are many Lebanese ladies

Diana Karazon, shed hundreds of pounds and make a whole slimmer and leaner comeback.

Do not worry folks, I got this. Here's Hussien Jasmi's post surgery, he too looks leaner.