Wednesday, November 5, 2014

This Steamy Zayne Song "Hayati" May Be Addictive @Zayne

"This music video may cause you to have a seizure", reads the disclaimer before the song. This is of course the new dance track by none but world class urban dancer and singer Zayne. The kid has moves and has the fellowship of fans. He is singing about drugs, in front of cars and inside liquored up nightclubs. The son of London, Zayne is one of the first developing artists to combine both Arabic and English beats, thus creating a new genre of it's own kind! Additionally Zayne is the only artist to date, who has an outstanding and controversial Arabic dance style and was the 1st to ever do so in the World of dance collaborating western style dance on Arabic music.

I give the song high marks for the energy and the youth--I guess things are changing....and those young dancers are shaking things up. I would say good job with the model and the people doing different things to each other on the screen. I think Zayne has a big network of support--he just keeps making songs and he never ceases to amaze. He is like the Chris Brown of Arabic pop, all moves and some talent.

This is a party song with so many people jumping around, thanks to Zayne for brining us this loud and sweaty party. I am not sure how his native Egypt would feel about this Hokus Bokus track. Publicly they may hate it, but in private all bets are off.
Zayne - Hayati


  1. Catchy chorus doubt a lot of Egyptians will understand anything besides it

  2. hahahaha he's singing about a giiirl <3

  3. He's talking about meeee enta Hayati Zayne :D

  4. Zayne is quite talented sings dances composes writes gets highly involved in his music and clips I just think he can improve on his vocals

  5. انا أشتغلت مع زين قبل كده ,فعلا هو واحد من احسن الفنانين الموهبين في مصر