Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ramy Sabry Gives A Heart-Melting Hit A Touching Makeover

Ramy Sabry never drops the ball on being the number one in his career. The hard-working musician does not find shame in going back to the drawing board and reworking an older song of his to make it even better. He is doing that this week with the release of "Masaaltneesh", a song he released last year on his album.

So he went back and rewrote the music and gave it a new flavor. This exactly is like when you are able to make something awesome from the leftovers. It's still a romantic song that gets the singer to draw from his emotional reserve and bleed as the song plays. This song is about the pain lovers endure.

I liked this song when it was released and I thought the lyrics are well-written and have been written by someone who has been in love before. Ramy brought the song a new life with his guitar.

Masaaltnessh - Ramy Sabry مسألتنيش - رامى صبرى


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