Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WATCH: Saber Al Rebai - Ajmal Moukhtasar 2014 Music Video / صابر الرباعي - أجمل مختصر

Saber Al Rebai did release an album in March of this year, Rotana did it's part and booked hundreds of billboards that featured the album and its artist. Now, the Tunisian coach on The Voice is out with a new music video from his lead song. He is looking classy as always, and suits do him justice.

There is so much philosophy in this song, and those affects are interesting. This is a hotel lounge music video. Saber is not ready to let go. He is remembering the old days with the one that got away. He misses what he loved about her, but it seems memories is all he will keep. He sees her everywhere he looks. But it seems she left him and now he is all alone.

Every female he seems, it seems he sees his ex in that person. This is a dark song, it has nothing happy about it. But the clip compliments the song and syncs with its message.   

Saber Al Rebai - Ajmal Moukhtasar Clip / صابر الرباعي - أجمل مختصر


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