Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Listen: The Last Truly Great Song By Pop Star Khaled Agag

Khaled Agag has the curse many pop stars who shot to fame in the late 90s faced, it's really hard for them to make the transition in the internet era. He was a hit-maker for about four years and then the lights went off and it's me and five other guys know who Khaled Agag is.

Khaled tried to revive his career in 2010, but that was overshadowed by the Arab Spring and many pop stars disappeared. He still has the same sweet voice we have come to like about him, he does the dramatic emotional songs about tears so well. He is also brilliant when it comes to choosing a happy go luck songs that gets you to shake it.

Last we have seen him was when appeared during that Punk'd like TV show during the month of Ramadan.

I happen to think the two songs of his (below) remain his finest dramatic performance. You can feel and sympathize with the singer, he comes off as a raging bull of emotions who have been wronged.

Khaled Agag " As3ab Hob " / " خالد عجاج " اصعب حب

Khaled Agag " Wala Dam3ah " / " خالد عجاج " ولأدمعة


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