Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Video: Gaza In Ruines, See It With MC Gaza

Mc Gaza is like many in Gaza, he is sick and tired of the political divisions that has dominated Palestinian political landscape since 2007. He raps about what ails him, and what bothers the community of youngsters he is one of. He is talking about the colors and shades that make up the Palestinian experience and flag.

MC Gaza vents his rage by painting and rapping about the frustrating reality. He shows off the destruction that happened in Gaza. He raps about the grim reality that faces his people. He is really the voice of the people who are fed up with the lack of unity among politicians. This is his best word to date, the song hits the spot, and the music video captures the reality that Gaza experiences right now.

The EU paid for this clip in part of their support to the various youth initiatives. The images you will see should pain every human, but they should give every Israeli solider nightmares.  

MC GAZA - Law Ba3ref


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