Sunday, November 2, 2014

Watch Palestinian Duo Dominate Arab Idol Stage! #Palestine @ArabIdol

They are Palestinian nationals who live within the borders what's now dubbed as Israel. So they are Arab citizens of the occupation country that took over their's confusing. They see themselves as Palestinians, not Israelis as what the spokesperson for the IDF declares.

To answer critics and attacks on their identity, the Haitham Khaliilah and Manal Mousa did it with a song, they sang for Palestine and urged to declare it a state. Songs are louder than cheap shots, the song for the people--announce it a state Palestine. I know the Israelis won't like that....but the singers doubled down and sang for Arab Jerusalem.....

This is a bold and I know the fans like that, and these things are popular, and after this life performance, no doubt these guys are Palestinians. People who do not know much about the history of Palestine, will surely be confused....but people of Palestine know and revere their brethren who live within the borders of that state.

As for the music, I feel Manal was not at her best vocal strength. She may had better nights, but this was she did not shine through. It now makes sense that she may be facing a round of elimination. Haitham owned it and he was not short on confidence.

Arab Idol -حازم، منال وهيثم خلايلي- سكة حلب، حيد عن الجيشي وإعلنها - الحلقات المباشرة


  1. Hello, I've been reading your blog for the last few weeks and I am really liking it. i love Arabic music and so i visit your blog to keep in touch with the scene.
    However, I want to advise you to improve your writing skills as there are always grammatical errors in your articles. They are silly typing mistakes, just make sure you proof read before you post. Good luck ! keep it up