Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Coolest Way To Promote A New Song--Thank You @FayrouzKarawya

Indie music darling Fayrouz Karawya has something coming up pretty soon. We have no clue what are should be expecting. Is it an album? A song? A music video? It could be all of that. We get to see some top notch musicians working behind the scenes to put their personal signatures on this project. I see rock and indie singer/ activist Ramy Essam working in the studio as well.

I like Fayrouz's voice and choices, she makes fun songs that come to teach us something about people, and relationships. I wish to see Fayrouz in a large concert in Egypt, but that won't happen because only sellouts and regime backed manage to book studios and sing. Fayrouz does sell big venues around Egypt's indie music halls. But when you are as versatile as she is, you need a bigger outlet, you deserve a bigger outlet.

There are dozens of indie artists in today's Egypt, you can count the good ones on your fingers. For me Fayrouz leads this group. She has so much to give and to share, I enjoy her music, her humor and her fighting the good fight.  

Fayrouz Karawya - Soon | فيروز كراوية قريبا


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