Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fine! A New Singing Competition Lands In #Lebanon "The Winner Is"

There are too many of them, and the more of them do we watch the lower our IQ gets, but who cares? As long as celebrities get big paychecks, advertisers get to sell their junk, and networks sees top rating, no body cares. The Winner Is dubs itself as a different and unique program--why not. Singers compete for a financial prize on the NBC version it's a million dollars.

I think the idea is good, most of the singers who participate on these shows go home with close to nothing in their pockets, the winner on this upcoming show--it will be airing on LBC is already rich when he walks out of the program, no need to chase producers for an album that would make them so.

Other than that, we know Amr Diab or at least his name has been floating around as someone who may or may not appearing on the show.

The Winner Is ينطلق مع النجوم العرب بفكرة جديدة ومختلفة


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