Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Morocco's Finest Houda Saad Rocks Out In Her Latest Single

Morocco's answer to Lebanon's Najwa Karam is Houda Saad is on her way to make Morocco's pop songs the next big thing. Too bad, she is doing it all alone and from Switzerland where she has taken residence. Houda Saad began his career with performing songs, then she moved into writing and composing music, then came writing lyrics and now she has done it all.

She returns with a sweet love song mean as a treat for her fans that liked her earlier songs. It feels like a classy rock song, it's in Lebanese this once. Yes, it's a song with a lot of nostalgia, conflicted demotions and then the song picks itself up and you are drawn in, the song captivates your every sense. It's a song that has a kick and it's something you would play more than once to breath in.

I have not heard this from Houda in some time, this once she shows up with an emotional level that's more complex than Elissa's while rivaling the soft lyrics of Salim Assaf.

Houda Saad - Chou baddak fiyi ba2a - هدى سعد - شو بدّك فيي بقى


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