Thursday, November 13, 2014

Actress Dina El-Sherbini Freed From Egyptian Jail

 Actress Dina El-Sherbini just left jail after serving a prions sentence on drug charges. It looks this talent actress was caught inside a house where there were 30 kilos of Heroin, a machine gun. Not clear how she was linked to this home. but it seems that she admitted to frequenting this house to buy drugs. So she is not in the business, but only her recreational use.  

She is a graduate of the October 6th University, and started as a TV host on Dream network. She took an acting workshop and started acting on movies, TV and theater. Her first big break came in the popular TV drama Citizen X. As in films she appeared in two of them "The Party" and "Sameer Abu El Neel" alongside Ahmed Mekki.

The house were she was when the raid took place is owned by a the song of a well-known business man in the upscale Zamalik area. Dina never denied the story and did admit that she was there to buy not to deal. Dina is still young and she is a popular lady among her friends, I am sure she will have a strong comeback.

سمر والرجال ولكن .. ضيف الحلقة : دينا الشربين


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